The Sydney suburbs with the ‘LEAST’ & ‘MOST’ religious faith REVEALED!

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As far as we know, the end of the world is no where to be seen, but this hasn’t stopped many faithfuls from practising their religious beliefs. No matter if you’re a Christian, a Buddhist, a Muslim or a Hindu, Australia is a wonderful country that greatly respects the freedom of speech and the practice of religion, regardless of your background or ethnicity.

This freedom of rights is particularly evident in a large capital city such as Sydney, which houses over 5 million residents from all different walks of life, cultural diversity and religious values. This, of course, also includes people who have no religious faith at all. In other words, an atheist.

According to an article published by the SMH, Sydney’s Inner and Northern suburbs are slowly losing the “FAITH” battle compared to other regions within the city. These figures were backed by the national data obtained from the ABS Census 2016, which clearly showed that residents who lives in the South West regions, are in fact the most religious people of all.

Here’s a close look at the figures from the least to the most religious suburbs in different council areas.

Council / Region% of ppl with 'no' religion
Inner West40.4%
North Sydney37.3%
Lane Cove32%
Northern Beaches27.9%
Canada Bay27.7%
Georges River27.4%
Hunters Hill24.4%
The Hills21.2%

Based on the data above, it appears that people who resides closest to the CBD, especially up North, consists of a majority of non-believers in the entire Sydney. Ku-ring-gai, traditionally known as the Anglican heartland, has also seen an upward spiral trend of atheists in the last 10 years, from 16.3% (2006) to 31% (2016) of local residents who claimed to have no religion affiliation.

On the other hand, the greater Sydney regions seemed to be on the more faithful side with Sydneysiders from the South West and the Greater Western areas made up of largely believers of the supernatural beings. These suburbs includes small towns in the districts of Cumberland, Blacktown, Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, with Liverpool taking the crown as having a whopping 88.7% of residents reported to have some sort of religious belief.

Does House Price Have Anything To Do With This?

As we all know, house prices tend to go higher in areas that has better schools and education. This is not to say that schools in lower priced suburbs are bad and we all know that good students will always excel no matter which school they go to. But the reality is expensive areas tend to attract people with better education and employment.

So judging from the figures presented and revealed above, we wonder if the property price in certain areas played a role in terms of people’s believe in the superior realm. The city CBD and the inner suburb no doubt has some of the highest median house price in the country. And if we look at suburbs such as Darlington, Erskineville and Newtown, the percentage of people who are non-believers are 60.6%, 54.8% and 53.3% respectively.

In other words, more than 50% of the residents who reside in these inner city suburbs are atheists.

Now if we look at the suburbs in the Inner West, North Sydney to the multi-million dollar mansions in the Mosman areas. When we compare their figures with blue collar suburbs such as Campbelltown, Blacktown and Fairfield, we can easily see a connection in terms of people’s religious belief and the house and unit prices in those areas.

So What Do These Figures Tell Us?

Perhaps people who are better off financially, with greater assets, who are blessed with less financial worries, that they no longer need to turn to their God for assistance or guidance in their lives.

Or that white collars, people who tend to work in the offices, who have better educations, more money, that they tend to lean towards a more scientific approach to life instead of a religious one.

Whatever the case might be, we’re definitely not here to discuss whom one may choose to believe or not. In fact, we have no ambition to get into this topic of religion whatsoever.

So…we’ll leave it at that and let you think about this one by yourself.

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