Riverwood Train Station

The Riverwood train station is located on the opposite corner of Belmore Rd and Thurlow St. It is one of the major station operating on the T2 Airport Line which provides stops to both domestic and international airport. The T2 line operates from the western suburb of Macarthur to the inner city of Town Hall.

This railway station has recently gone through a renovation so it’s nice and tidy for commuters travelling to and from the suburb of Riverwood. There are opal systems setup and you’ll find a lift access that can transfer passengers from the top to bottom level of the station.

T2 Line: See Timetable
Wheelchair Access: Yes

Address: William Road
Telephone: 02 9563 7646
Website: Click here to visit



Below is the map of Riverwood train station is and you’ll be able to read reviews and get street directions on how to get there.

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