Riverwood Parks

There are several good recreational parks in Riverwood, providing excellent outdoor facilities, play equipment and beautiful grass lands for local residents or nearby families to enjoy.

Choose a park from the below list for more details:

Rotary Park
Riverwood Park
Lillian Road Reserve
Charles Reserve

One of the great things about living in Riverwood is that you get both the convenience of shops, the wide network of public transport and also the closeness to nature. That’s why parks are particularly important, especially for young families with children who are always looking for something to do.

Having beautiful parks in the suburb is what drives many parents to bond with their kids. It’s also a proven way to promote the importance of getting active. Furthermore, wouldn’t you love to gather with friends and families on a beautiful sunny weekend where you can relax, have a BBQ or picnic and just enjoy each other’s company?

If yes, then you’re going to love the parks in this local area.

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