Suburb Profile / Demographic

Population: 12103
Born Overseas: 60.3%
No. of Families: 3092
Average Household Income: $1014 per week
Fully Owned Home: 19.9%
Mortgage Owned Home: 23.6%
Rental Home: 52%
Median Mortgage Repayment: $2000 per month
Median Rent Payment: $228 per week

* Data from Census 2016

Where is Riverwood?

Riverwood is a residential suburb sharing the same postcode with Peakhurst, Lugarno and Peakhurst Heights under 2210. It is located approx. 18 km south of Sydney CBD.

This local area of NSW has developed into quite a populated suburb within the St George district over the past 20 years, that’s why you may see new apartments and houses are being built in the area to accommodate increasing demands.

One of the reasons why Riverwood is becoming such a popular place to live for singles, couples and families is due to the convenience of where it’s situated in Sydney. This includes the proximity from other larger and more centralised suburbs such as Hurstville (6km away) and Bankstown (5.7km away), with both areas consisting of major shopping centres, cinemas, restaurants and more.

Local Amenities

Find out what’s in Riverwood below and see if this suburb is suitable for you and your family.


Is Riverwood a good place to live?

Based on our review, this suburb truly has a lot to offer local residents and potential ones. There are many close by amenities and you can literally walk to shops, train station and bus stops within a matter of minutes. Riverwood is also positioned close to the M5 motorway and other main roads, providing easy access to various smaller and larger suburbs all across Sydney by car.

The area has several primary schools that caters for young children including some public and private Catholic education. Please note there is no high school in the suburb, so high school students will need to travel either by bus or train to nearby suburbs for higher school education.

There are many parks inside the suburban streets with lots of facilities for picnics, bbq and casual fun, so this indicates to us that Riverwood could be a good suburb to raise a family.

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