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Narwee is a residential suburb located in NSW with a postcode of 2209 and is approx. 17km from the CBD in Sydney South. This local area hasn’t seen much changes in the last 10 years, although more houses, townhouses and apartments are being built in the area to meet increasing interest ranging from property investment, short term rental to long term purchasing for residency.

It is a relatively small local suburb with not many local commercial businesses. However, since it is situated very close to other big suburbs with convenient shopping options, this is one of the major factors that has led to many new home seekers looking at this area as a place to live and raise a family.

Demographic Information

Population: 5618
Born Overseas: 58.1%
No. of Families: 1488
Average Household Income: $1308 per week
Fully Owned Home: 26.4%
Mortgage Owned Home: 28.6%
Rental Home: 40.8%
Median Mortgage Repayment: $2167 per month
Median Rent Payment: $350 per week

* Data from ABS Census 2016



This is the map of Narwee outlining the area of the suburb and the streets that cuts off the boundary. Some of the border street includes: Shorter Ave, Karne St North, Welfare Ave North & South, Mountview Ave etc.



Due to the small size of this suburb, there is only 1 primary school in Narwee and no high school. There used to be a boys high school that operated in the area from 1958 to 1990. However, due to low enrolment rate, the NSW Department of Education decided to transform it into a co-ed (boys & girls) school from 1991.

Student enrolment numbers, however, continued to drop and the narwee high school officially ceased operation on 2001. The land have since been used to build private residential housing to attract new residents into the suburb.

Narwee Public School

Narwee Public School

This is a primary school catering for children from kindergarden through to year 6. It has a range of facilities including play equipment, basketball courts, cricket nets, computer lab, library and more. The school has a number of programs designed to provide students with many different learning experiences.

Education Level: Primary (K-6)
School Type: Public (Co-ed)
No. of Student: 345

Address: 61-65 Broadarrow Road
Telephone: 02 9153 9756 / 02 9153 5578


Narwee Primary Schools Ranking

Narwee School Ranking

Narwee Primary School – NSW Score Ratings & Rankings from Better Education (2016 data)


There are many ways to travel to and from Narwee. If you drive a car, then you may be happy to know that Narwee is conveniently connected to many major roads and streets including Stoney Creek Road, Penshurst St, Forest Road, King Georges Road, Bonds Road, the M5 tunnel and more.

Otherwise, there are many public transports available within the suburb.

Train Station

Narwee Train Station

The Narwee train station is located on the opposite corner of Hannans Rd and Penshurst Road. It is one of the smaller station operating on the T2 Airport Line providing stops to both domestic and international airport. The T2 line operates from the western suburb of Macarthur via East Hills and into the Sydney city of Town Hall.

T2 Line: See Timetable
Wheelchair Access: No

Address: Hannans Road (Penshurst Rd intersection)
Phone: 02 9563 7770
Website: Click here


Bus Stops / Routes

One of the best ways to get to nearby suburbs from Narwee is to catch one of the bus that travels through the main and inner streets of the town. See below for the buses that picks up and drop off passengers in Narwee.

Bus 940

From Hurstville To Bankstown
– via Penshurst, Narwee, Riverwood and Punchbowl.
See 940 Timetable & Stops


From Hurstville To Bankstown
– via Penshurst, Narwee, Roselands, Punchbowl and Greenacre.
See 941 Timetable & Stops


From Hurstville To Bankstown
– via Penshurst, Mortdale, Peakhurst Heights, Riverwood, Narwee, Roselands and Punchbowl.
See 944 Timetable & Stops


Shopping & Grocery

Main Shopping Street In Narwee

You will find a number of shops, small cafes and restaurants, as well as Asian grocery stores located on the main street of Narwee, which is on Broadarrow Road. There are no large supermarkets in Narwee such as Coles, Aldi or Woolworths.

There are currently no shopping centres or plazas in Narwee. However, there are numerous shopping malls in surrounding suburbs including the following:


Want to know what’s in or on the streets of Narwee that you can go and have some entertaining fun with friends, families and loved ones? Please see the list below:


Narwee does not have a cinema of it’s own in the area. However, you can still catch some of the latest movies from nearby cinemas. Some of the well known theatres near the suburb includes:

Narwee Hotel

Narwee Hotel

The Narwee hotel is a modern building set in a leafy suburb that is close to all amenities. There are 14 hotel rooms available for overnight accommodation with ensuites, air con and TV. There is also a sports bar where patrons and locals can enjoy bistro food and beverages.

Address: 116 Penshurst Road
Telephone: 02 9533 3088


Banks / ATM

There are currently no major bank branches in this local area. For residents living in Narwee who needs to do some banking transactions in person at a branch can do so in the nearby suburbs below:

Otherwise, below is a list of ATMs available inside the suburb which you can withdraw cash from the ATM machines. (Fees may apply)

ANZ ATM – Caltex Petrol Station

Caltex Narwee - ANZ ATM

Address: 41 Broadarrow Road

Cashcard ATM – Narwee Hotel

Click here for details

Commonwealth / Bankwest ATM – 7 Eleven

7 Eleven In Narwee

Address: Cnr of Penshurst Rd & Hannans Rd


Australia Post Office

Narwee Post Office

The Narwee Post Office is located on the main road of the suburb and is diagonally opposite to the public school and very close to the train station and other amenities within the area.

Address: 86 Broadarrow Road
Telephone: 02 9153 9762




This suburb does not have a library of it’s own, but there are 2 close by libraries in the area which Narwee residents can go enjoy or rent a variety of books, DVDs, magazines and CDs.

Community Centre

To find out more about a particular suburb, one of the best ways to do so if by visiting the community centre in town. Since Narwee is not a large suburb so there are currently no community centres in the area. You can find some of the nearby ones located below:

Narwee Baptist Church

Narwee Baptist Church

This is a Christian Church exist to unite all faithfuls within the local community. Although it is called the Narwee Church, but it is actually located on the border line of Peakhurst. They welcome people from all walks of life, different age groups and ethnic backgrounds.

Address: 33-39 Baumans Road, Peakhurst NSW 2210
Phone: 02 9534 2699


Hospital / Medical

There are no large hospitals in Narwee and the closest hospitals with emergency services are list below:

  • St George Hospital
  • Bankstown Lidcome Hospital
  • Canterbury Hospital

If you’re looking for a local family GP, here’s a list of medical clinics available in the area.

Narwee Family Practice

Narwee Family Practice

Address: 4 Fisher Place
Telephone: 02 9534 4311

St. Jude Family Medical Centre

St Jude Family Medical Centre

Address: 107 Mercury Street
Telephone: 02 9534 7179


Sports / Fitness

Narwee doesn’t have sporting centres and gyms in the suburb, but there are several gyms nearby for local residents to stay fit and healthy. Some of the closest ones are listed below:

Swimming Pool

There are currently no public swimming pools in the suburb of Narwee. However, this doesn’t mean that local residents have no where to swim. You will a list of them in the nearby facilities below:


Parks / Outdoor

John Mountford Reserve

A small park with many facilities for local residents to enjoy with family and friends.

John Mountford Reserve


  • Tennis Court (subject to booking)
  • Kids Play Area & Equipment
  • Short Walk Path
  • BBQ Stoves
  • Public Toilet

Address: Welfare Ave North

Rasdall Park

Rasdall Park


  • Shaded play area and equipment for Kids
  • Bike Path
  • Jogging Path
  • Public Toilet
  • Dogs Allowed On Leash

Address: 3a Bryant Street

Mountview Avenue Park

Mountview Ave Park

Located on one of the suburban street, this park offers a small outdoor play area for families to take their young children for some quick active fun.


  • Kids playground with shades
  • Picnic Area
  • BBQ
  • Dogs allowed on leash

Address: 98 Mountview Avenue

Is Narwee a good suburb to live?

Although the land size of this suburb is small, but this also means that Narwee is a quiet and leafy suburb with not much disturbance in the surrounding environment. That’s why you won’t find too many buildings, commercial premises or local businesses around, as the population of this town is just under 5700 people (2016 census).

One of the best things about living in this small town is that there is a train station that connects to other suburbs all across Sydney. There are also public bus networks available throughout the day that will take you to nearby areas even if you don’t have a car.

Parks and playgrounds are everywhere in this neighbourhood so that suggests Narwee is not a bad suburb to raise young families, as there will be plenty of things to do for kids. The only downside is that there’s not many schools to choose from, so parents may need to think about this one.

If you’re interested to move or invest in this suburb, you can check out some of the sales or rental listings that Narwee real estate agents has to offer and talk to them about your needs.

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