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Hurstville is a city suburb in itself and a popular “go to” destination for many people living in Sydney’s southern region. Located approx. 16km from the Sydney CBD, this town has seen a number of transformation throughout the last decade, mainly with the increase in the number of high rises and new apartments being built in the area to meet increasing population demands.

Also known as the second “Chinatown”, Hurstville is a community made up of a large number of migrants and local borns with Asian background, namely China and Hong Kong. According to the 2016 census, approx. 49.9% of the residents living here are reported to be of Chinese heritage. It is rapidly becoming a fast paced suburb filled with lots of local Chinese businesses including restaurants, yum cha, Asian groceries, cafes and more.

Even though there’s a strong presence of Chinese culture in this local area, but that doesn’t take away the Australian way of life with the famous Westfield shopping town located directly in the center of action. It is a busy shopping complex where you can find many traditional Aussie businesses including K-mart, Target, and Big W among others. Not to mention the cinema and rooftop dining that’s also very popular in the area.

Demographic Information

Population: 29822
Born Oversea: 72.2%
No. of Families: 7673
Average Household Income: $1382 per week
Fully Owned Home: 24.9%
Mortgage Owned Home: 26.7%
Rental Home: 44.9%
Median Mortgage Repayment: $2000 per month
Median Rental Payment: $475 per week

* Data from Census 2016



Below is the map of Hurstville showing the boundary of the area marked by a red line. Some of the main streets and roads that split up the surrounding suburbs includes Croydon Road, Stoney Creek Rd, King Georges Road, Lily Lane, Railway Parade and Salisbury Street.



One of the reasons why so many people are thinking about moving to Hurstville is because of the large number of quality schools inside the suburb. There are a total of 2 public schools and 5 private schools to choose from that offers Christian and Catholic education for both primary and secondary students

Young male residents who lives here will also enjoy the close proximity to the Sydney Technical Boys High School, which is a selective school located within walking distance and is situated just on the border of the neighbour suburb, Bexley. Otherwise, the St George Girls High (Kogarah) and the Caringbah High School (Co-Ed) are 2 selective schools that can be attended to from Hurstville via train (same train line) and are just a few stations away.

Hurstville Public School

Hurstville Public School

This primary school has been providing good education to the Hurstville public and nearby residents since 1876. With over 1000 students currently enrolled in the school, it continues to provide a happy, safe and encouraging environment where all students are taught to be a positive, responsible and respectful citizen.

Academically, the school is ranked in the top 100 in New South Wales’s primary school education and is one of the only 75 schools in the state to offer 4 opportunity classes (OC). The OC class is specially designed for talented year 5 and year 6 students, including out of areas, who has proven their academic potential via a formal test. This process is administered by an independent high performance unit from the NSW dept of education.

Education Level: Primary (K-6)
School Type: Public (Co-ed)
No. of Student: 1230

Address: Forest Road (nearest cross street: Lily St)
Phone: 02 9587 3963

St Mary’s Star Of The Sea Catholic School

St Mary's Star Of The Sea Catholic Primary School

The St Mary’s Star Of The Sea is a two stream catholic primary school that is part of the Archdiocese of Sydney school system and it has a strong partnership with the Parish of St Michael’s Catholic Church, which is located just a few blocks away from the school on the same street.

Besides curriculum subjects that are taught in accordance to the NSW Board of studies syllabuses such as Maths, English, Science and Technology, History etc, the school also teaches religious education which enables all students to understand, see and respond to God in their everyday lives.

Education Level: Primary (K-6)
School Type: Private – Catholic (Co-ed)
No. of Student: 431

Address: 24-26 Croydon Road
Phone: 02 9587 2358
Website: Click here to view

Hurstville Adventist Primary School

Hurstville Adventist School

As part of the Adventist school system that is operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church with over 5800 schools worldwide, this Hurstville Adventist has been providing a unique, Christian focused and independent education for the local community for over 60 years.

Some of the key learning areas include literacy, grammar, reading, spelling, numeracy, science, creative arts plus more. The teaching standards of this school is fully registered and accredited by the NSW Board of Studies, following and exceeding all guidelines set out by the Federal Government of Australia.

One of the main difference and unique feature that separates this primary school among others in the same local area is that they offer preschool education for young toddlers. Their pre-kindy program has been developed to help and provide young children with the experiences they need for an easy transition into school life.

Education Level: Primary (Pre, K-6)
School Type: Private – Christian (Co-ed)
No. of Student: 135

Address: 30 Wright Street
Phone: 02 9580 5794

St George Christian School

St George Christian School in Hurstville

This is a private Christian school that values each student as a unique creation of God and believes in following the teachings of Jesus Christ to achieve a full and meaningful life. With a strong academic reputation, disciplined and welcoming environment, the SGCS caters for children from kindergarden through to year 12.

However, please note that this Hurstville campus only caters for students from year 3 to 12. For kindergarden to year 2 students who wish to study in the SGCS, you will need to attend the infant school located in the Sans Souci campus, which is approx 15 minutes drive from Hurstville depending on traffic.

Education Level: Primary & Secondary (3-12)
School Type: Private – Christian (Co-ed)
No. of Student: 788

Address: 70 Bellevue Parade
Phone: 02 9547 2311

Danebank Anglican School

Danebank Anglican School

According to Danebank’s statistics, almost 100% of their graduates enter degree courses after HSC, allowing them to lead a professional career later on in life. This “all girls” school also has some of the best facilities in the entire suburb including a private swimming pool, gymnasium and a performing arts centre that can sit up to 800 people.

Being the only Anglican school in Hurstville, all junior students are introduced to the Christian faith from a biblical and Anglican perspective. There are also pre-kindergarden classes available in which young childrens are taught by specialist staff in a happy, secure and positive environment preparing them for early school years.

Education Level: Primary & Secondary (Pre, K-12)
School Type: Private – Anglican (Girls School)
No. of Student: 936

Address: 80-98 Park Road
Phone: 02 9580 1415

Bethany College

Bethany College

Bethany College is an ALL girls Catholic high school that is dedicated to provide quality secondary education for girls in the St George area. This college is strategically divided into two schools, the middle school (Yr 7 to 9) and the senior school (Yr 10 to 12), with programs, teaching strategies and assessment designed to target different key learning areas in relevant year groups.

Education Level: Secondary (7-12)
School Type: Private – Catholic (Girls School)
No. of Student: 974

Address: 4 Croydon Road
Phone: 02 8566 0711

Georges River College – Hurstville Boys Campus

GRC - Hurstville Boys Campus

As the only public school in the entire New South Wales to offer secondary education exclusively for boys from year 7 to year 10, the Hurstville campus strives to prepare young men with all the skills necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century by focusing on the following 8 learning areas.

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
  4. Technology
  5. Languages
  6. Creative arts
  7. Human society & environment
  8. Personal development, health & physical education

All students who enrolled into GRC are also given access to MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment). It is a web-based application exclusive to the Georges River College that allows each student to get their hands onto important course materials such as lesson notes, activities, discussions and can submit assignments from any computer that has an internet connection.

Year 10 students will be given first priority to enrol into the senior Oatley campus of GRC, which will allow them to proceed to year 11 and 12, preparing them for higher education and the final year of HSC (Higher School Certificate).

Education Level: Secondary (7-10)
School Type: Public (Boys School)
No. of Student: 361

Address: Kenwyn Street
Phone: 02 9587 3199


Hurstville Primary Schools Ranking

Hurstville Primary Schools Ranking
Hurstville Primary Schools – NSW Score Ratings & Rankings from Better Education (2016 data)


Hurstville Secondary Schools Ranking

Hurstville High Schools Ranking
Hurstville High Schools – NSW Score Ratings & Rankings from Better Education (2016 data)



Hurstville is no doubt one of the most convenient suburbs in the South of Sydney with fast and easy access to some of the best public transport services within the region. In other words, you won’t have much problem getting around to and from other areas even if you don’t have a car nor access to a motor vehicle.

If you prefer to drive, then you’ll be happy to know that Hurstville is very well connected in terms of road infrastructure with quick access to the M5 motorway via 2 entries from either Beverly Hills or Kingsgrove. It is also at the heart of Forest Road, which takes you less than 10 mins to the airport and less than 30 mins to the city.

Hurstville Train Station

Hurstville Train Station

The Hurstville railway station is located diagonally opposite to the westfield shopping centre and is one of the busiest places in town with thousands of commuters and travellers stepping foot onto their platforms each day. It is also conveniently built below a shopping plaza, the Hurstville Central, where you’ll find many small eatery and shops including fast food takeaways, butcher, supermarkets, newsagency and more.

Catching the train into the city CBD takes only 20 mins and you’ll have access to the eastern suburbs of Edgecliff and Bondi Junction, as well as other Sydney South areas in the Sutherland Shire region such as Mortdale, Oatley, Miranda, Caringbah, Cronulla, Engadine to Waterfall. If you wish get to the airport by train, you can easily change line from Wolli Creek station and it’ll take you straight to the domestic and international airport in a matter of minutes.

T4 Line: See Timetable
Wheelchair Access: Yes

Address: Entry via Ormonde Parade or Forest Road
Telephone: 02 9563 7568
Website: Click here to visit


Bus Stops / Routes

Bus Stops In Hurstville

This suburb has a bus interchange and that means if you live in Hurstville, you will have access to one of the best bus networks in the entire Southern Sydney. There are a total of 14 bus routes that’ll take you to surrounding suburbs as well as other regions including the south west, inner west and greater west areas like Parramatta.

See below for all the bus numbers and bus stops:

Bus 450

From Hurstville to Burwood
– via Beverly Hills, Roselands, Lakemba, Belfield and Strathfield
See 450 Timetable & Stops

Bus 940

From Hurstville to Bankstown
– via Penshurst, Narwee, Riverwood and Punchbowl
See 940 Timetable & Stops

Bus 941

From Hurstville to Bankstown
– via Penshurst, Narwee, Roselands, Punchbowl and Greenacre
See 941 Timetable & Stops

Bus 943

From Hurstville to Lugarno
– via Penshurst and Peakhurst
See 943 Timetable & Stops

Bus 944

From Hurstville to Bankstown
– via Penshurst, Mortdale, Peakhurst Heights, Riverwood, Narwee, Roselands and Punchbowl.
See 944 Timetable & Stops

Bus 945

From Hurstville to Bankstown
– via Penshurst, Mortdale and Riverwood
See 945 Timetable & Stops

Bus 946

From Hurstville to Bankstown
– via Beverly Hills, Roselands, Lakemba and Greenacre
See 946 Timetable & Stops

Bus 953

From Hurstville to Connells Point
– via South Hurstville and Kyle Bay
See 953 Timetable & Stops

Bus 954

From Hurstville to Hurstville Grove
– via Hillcrest Ave
See 954 Timetable & Stops

Bus 955

From Hurstville to Mortdale
– via Oatley
See 955 Timetable & Stops

Bus 959

From Hurstville to Bald Face
– via South Hurstville and Blakehurst
See 959 Timetable & Stops

Bus 970

From Hurstville to Miranda
– via South Hurstville, Blakehurst, Sylvania and Sylvania Heights
See 970 Timetable & Stops

Bus 971

From Hurstville to Cronulla
– via South Hurstville, Blakehurst, Sylvania, Miranda and Caringbah
See 971 Timetable & Stops

Bus M91

From Hurstville to Parramatta
– via Peakhurst, Padstow, Bankstown, Yagoona, Granville and Chester Hill
See M91 Timetable & Stops


Shopping & Grocery

Hurstville Shopping Places

Anyone who’s ever lived here will tell you that this suburb has basically anything and everything that a family needs all in one place. From small asian grocery shops, large supermarkets to giant department stores, this area has it all! That’s why so many people from nearby areas choose to come to hurstville to do their shopping because they’re able to find all the things they need inside this shopping hotspot.

Most of the amenities can be found on the main passage of Forest Road which cuts through the heart of Hurstville. This is where most of the action happens and you’ll find a different variety of local businesses here including restaurants, chinese groceries, chemists, banks, hair salons, accountants, real estate offices, bakeries and lots more!

Westfield Shopping Centre

Hurstville Westfield Shopping Centre

Situated just 1 minute walk from the train station is the Hurstville Westfield shopping centre. A busy place on weekdays and weekends where locals and nearby residents come here to eat, shop and play. As one of the main shopping malls in the St George district, this westfield houses literally every type of commercial, financial and retail businesses you can think of.

Imagine having direct access to 3 of the largest supermarkets in Australia? Yes…Coles, Woolworths and Aldi are ALL at your disposal the moment you walk into Westfield. Enjoy the most complete grocery shopping experience, special discounts and bargain deals as these supermarket giants compete for your hard earned money.

If those aren’t enough, you will find some deli shops, fruits and vegetable markets, seafood shops, butchers and other asian grocers inside the very same complex. Nevertheless, you’re sure to find everything you need to make that perfect meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There are also a number of large department stores to choose from including Kmart, Target and Big W where you can buy a wide range of household items and common goods ranging from cosmetics, cookware, linens, clothing, shoes to toys.

Other popular stores include:

  • JB Hi-fi
  • Chemist Warehouse
  • Best & Less
  • Priceline
  • EB Games
  • Dan Murphy’s Bottle Shop

For the ladies, pamper yourself in some of the best beauty salons and hairdressers that hurstville westfield has to offer. And if you’re feeling hungry, there are many food and drink choices inside the food court or you can dine at one of the rooftop restaurants located at the top level next to the cinema.

Address: Cnr of Cross Street & Park Road
Telephone: 02 9511 2700
Website: Click here to visit



There are many things to do in hurstville ranging from theatrical performances, watching live sporting events with mates to catching the latest Hollywood movies with loved ones at the cinema. Yes, this NSW suburb has it sorted!

Hurstville Event Cinema

Hurstville Event Cinema

The Hurstville cinema is located at the top-level of the westfield shopping centre where you’ll find lots of parking spaces and is operational under the ticketless car park system with up to 3 hours parking for FREE.

Adjacent to the rooftop dining, the event cinema offers quality cinematic experiences for patrons looking to watch the latest screenings in theatre. While you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy the big screen and digital sound quality from the VMAX session that’s also available inside this cinema.

Address: Westfield Shopping – Lv 4, Cnr of Park Road & Cross St
Telephone: 02 8558 9200
Website: Click here for latest movie sessions

Hurstville Entertainment Centre

Hurstville Entertainment Centre

As part of the Georges River Council establishment, local residents can easily catch the latest shows, theatrical performances, concerts, musical functions and more at their very own entertainment centre. The building consists of two main venues, the Marana Auditorium and the Civic Centre.

Boasting a vintage setting with a seating capacity of over 900 people split into 2 levels, the Marana Auditorium is the ideal venue for school functions, weddings, business conferences and more. The civic centre on the other hand sits slightly over 200 people and is an excellent venue for local functions, cinema screenings and special events.

To see the latest shows, functions and events happening, please see here.

Address: 16 MacMahon Street
Phone: 02 9330 6400

Ritz Hotel

Hurstville Ritz Hotel

Situated on the corner of Macmahon St and Forest Rd, this is the first entertainment venue you’ll see the moment you drive into Hurstville from King Georges Road. Established since 1884, this local pub has been serving the community for over 100 years with great food and drinks, live entertainment and big screen sport events broadcast all under one roof.

There are also accommodations upstairs for anyone who wishes to stay overnight with a number of room choices available including double room with en-suite, family room and twin / triple share rooms.

Address: 350 Forest Road
Telephone: 02 9585 0011

Meridian Hotel VIP Sports Bar

Meridian VIP Sports Bar

While this local bar doesn’t have accommodation, there are still plenty of things to do here. Start with the meridian bistro and enjoy the great taste of one of Asia’s most popular Vietnamese cuisine. Have a game of pool with your friends while taking a sip at the bar and then catch all the live actions from all the latest sporting events and pay per views from around the world.

Address: 220 Forest Road
Phone: 02 9580 2220

Club Central Hurstville

Club Central at Hurstville

Established since 2009, this $44 million development project by Illawarra Catholic Club introduced a new, modern and stylish venue for the community of Hurstville. Located close to westfield shopping, club central features sensational dining and bar area for members looking for delicious food and beverages.

Open for yum cha daily, the Imperial Dynasty is a new age Chinese restaurant with Asian fusion dishes, dim sum and live seafood for lunch and dinner. If you prefer sushi, seaweed, tempura and more sushi, then you’ll need to try the Ozeki Japanese restaurant that’s also located inside the same building.

Members can enjoy special discounts on meals, as well as other membership benefits such as show ticket discounts, complimentary tea and coffee, FREE parking, exclusive member’s only promotions and more.

Address: 2 Crofts Avenue
Telephone: 02 9570 3355

The Pinnacle Hurstville RSL

The Pinnacle - Hurstville RSL Club

As part of the RSL and services club, the Pinnacle carries on the tradition of remembrance for the servicemen returned. There are 3 restaurants inside this RSL with Australian and Mediterranean cuisine at The Grove Brasserie & Grill, chinese food and everyday yum cha. You will also find weekly live entertainment, music bands and other musical shows and performances inside this very same venue.

Address: 1 Ormonde Parade
Telephone: 02 9570 3733


Banks / ATM

No matter which bank you have an account with you’re almost guaranteed to find it here in Hurstville. Compare the best home loan rates, banking services and financial packages with a wide number of choices inside one suburb. Get different professional advice on investing, burrowing, suitable loans, insurance and more.


Westpac Hurstville Branch

This westpac branch is conveniently located at the entrance of the rail station. There are multiple ATMs inside the bank with cash deposit and cardless withdrawal functions. You can also access many other westpac services via one of the bank tellers or financial advisers including investment, migrant services, mortgage options, and there are also coin deposit and cash exchange machines in this branch.

BSB Number: 032055

Address: 225 Forest Road
Telephone: 02 8558 9622

St George Bank

St George Bank - Hurstville Branch

If you’re a St George bank customer, then you’re going to enjoy easy access to everyday personal and business banking because this local branch is positioned next to the entrance of Westfield shopping centre. This means you’ll find free parking there and if you live in one of the nearby apartments or houses, then you can simply walk here.

BSB Number: 112879

Address: 256 Forest Road
Telephone: 13 33 30

National Australia Bank (NAB)

National Australia Bank Hurstville

You’ll find this NAB next to the St George Bank, which are both situated on the main road close to the main transport and shopping places. As a NAB customer, you’ll be able to withdraw money from their ATM with no extra bank fees apply. There are also a wide range of banking services including credit card application, opening savings and transaction accounts etc.

BSB Number: 082231

Address: 252 Forest Rd
Telephone: 13 22 65

Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank - Hurstville Branch on Forest Rd

As one of the 4 major banks in Australia, you’re sure to find a commonwealth bank located at the heart of the suburb. There are 3 ATM machines located outside this branch for fast cash withdrawal and if you required other financial services, you simply can talk to one of the financial experts in their office about your needs.

BSB Number: 062184

Address: 185 Forest Road
Telephone: 02 9585 3633

ANZ Banking Group

ANZ Hurstville Branch

This ANZ branch is just around the corner from club central and is diagonally opposite to one of the entrances into westfield via Cross St. You will find an ATM machine outside to withdraw cash and if you’re interested in investing, refinancing or buying a property in Hurstville then you can talk to one of the home loan experts from this bank.

BSB Number: 012402

Address: 6 Cross Street
Telephone: 13 13 14

Bank Of China

Bank Of China - Hurstville Branch

Due to the increasing Chinese population in this suburb, the Bank of China was founded in Hurstville to connect the chinese community with familiar and personalised banking solutions. This is one of their only five branches currently in the entire Sydney and NSW providing a key financial link between this Australia city and China.

Some of the financial services offer includes:

  • Trade Finance
  • Letter Of Credit
  • Traveller Cheques
  • Foreign Exchange & Currency Deposit
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Residential Mortgage, Commercial & Construction Loans
  • Oversea Student Packages
  • and more…

BSB Number: 352003

Address: 213 Forest Road
Telephone: 02 9586 3205

HSBC Bank Australia

HSBC Bank Hurstville

Formerly known as the Hong Kong Bank, this HSBC is one of the 14 branches in Sydney and a subdivision of the international HSBC group with it’s headquarter based in London, UK. You’ll be able to find competitive rates on a wide selection of financial products and services including personal loan, credit card, savings and investment, as well as specialised services for business and corporate bodies.

BSB Number: 342015

Address: 208 Forest Road
Telephone: 1300 308 008

Delphi Bank

Delphi Bank in Hurstville

While not many people have heard of this organisation, the Delphi bank is actually part of the Bendigo and Adelaide banking group with 15 branches currently opened across all major cities, in almost every state of Australia including NSW, Victoria, SA and Queensland.

This branch is positioned on the main road where you can find parking for short visits, but if you need to spend more time in this bank, then there is an open car park on the back street called Treacy St or alternatively, you can just park into Westfield and then walk here.

BSB Number: 941202

Address: 149 Forest Road
Telephone: 02 8567 1111

More Options?

If you still couldn’t find your bank of choice, then you may want to check out the Hurstville Westfield shopping mall because there are several inside as listed below:

  • Suncorp (Level 1 – Tel: 13 11 75)
  • Bankwest (Level 1 – Tel: 13 17 18)
  • Commonwealth Bank (Level 2 – Tel: 02 9120 1150)


Australia Post Office

Hurstville Australia Post

There are currently 2 post offices in the area to provide mailing, postage and other Australia Post services to the local public. This one shown on the photo is situated on the corner of Forest Rd and Macmahon St, opposite to the Ritz Hotel Sports Bar. Many residents come here to send mail, collect parcels and pay their bills.

Address: Shop 1 & 2, 34 Macmahon Street
Telephone: 13 13 18

The second Auspost is located inside the westfield shopping centre on the first level. Some of the services offered at this post shop includes general parcel and mail posting, money order, load & go china cards, travel insurance, western union money transfer and other identity verification services including passport 100 point ID check.

You will also find a range of office supplies and stationary that are selling at the shop, as well as different letters, envelops and parcel sizes that are specifically designed for different postal needs.

Address: Hurstville Westfield – Lv 1, Shop 223
Telephone: 13 13 18



The Hurstville community is well looked after by the Georges River Council, formerly known as the Hurstville City Council, and there are facilicities setup to ensure that local residents have the options to participate or get involved.

At the same time there are several non-profit organisations, religious and non-religious groups in the area that welcomes people from all walks of life, to help and volunteer in different programs, to meet others who are living in the same region and also to make a positive influence into other people’s lives.

Hurstville City Library

Hurstville City Library

Owned and operated by the Georges River Council, this local library has seen a facelift and an expansion throughout the years to accommodate increasing visitors, students and keen patrons alike. It is FREE to join for both locals and people residing from out of areas, and you’ll find a huge collection of books (fiction and non-fiction), DVDs, Toys and magazines to use or burrow.

Positioned directly below a large number of residential apartments, you’ll find this library on the corner of Dora St and Queens Rd (opposite to the Waratah Hospital). Besides lending books and providing a quiet and spacious space for students to learn and study, there are also many other services in this library including:

  • FREE Wifi
  • FREE email & scanning
  • Low cost printing & photocopy
  • Cheap faxing & laminating
  • Special classes, events & workshops
  • Justice of Peace (JP) witness & document certifying services
  • and more…

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri 9.30am – 9.00pm
Saturday 9.30am – 4.00pm
Sunday 9.30am – 4.00pm

Address: G Floor, 12-22 Dora Street
Phone: 02 9330 6111

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army In Hurstville

The salvation army is a worldwide Christian church that’s committed to care for people, change lives and making a difference to the society by following the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is also a registered charity and is currently one of the largest providers of social welfare in the world.

What you see in the picture above is the local salvos that has been actively serving the community of Hurstville for over 110 years. Some of the activities and ministries that goes on here includes:

  • Regular church events & bible groups
  • Kid’s Sunday school & youth music groups
  • Women’s ministry & home league activities
  • Men’s ministry, Sat breakfast & golf days
  • Senior fellowship programs
  • Bible study soul groups

Address: Cnr of Bond Street & Dora Street
Phone: 02 9570 2617

Hurstville Presbyterian Church

Hurstville Presbyterian Church

This church is situated directly opposite to an open car park so anyone including the faithfuls and worshippers will find it easy to find parking spaces when attending services from here. There are a number of small groups and ministries from this Presbyterian church tailored for different age groups and cultural needs. You’ll find mandarin fellowship programs, morning translation services, Wednesday kid’s club, Sunday school and more.

Address: Cnr of Park Road & MacMahon Street
Phone: 02 9580 1425

St George’s Hurstville Anglican Church

St Georges Hurstville Anglican Church

To accommodate the rapid growth of the Chinese population in the Hurstville area, this Anglican church currently has 5 congregation services on Sunday in Cantonese, Mandarin and English languages divided into different time slots. It is fast becoming a culturally diverse church with a vibrant mix of youths, infants and adults. There are also playgroups designed for young children with free play activities, art and craft, music and story reading.

Address: 2 The Avenue
Phone: 02 9580 1482

St Michael’s Catholic Church

St Michael's Catholic Church

As part of the Archdiocese of Sydney, the parish of St Michaels is committed to making Jesus present in the local community by supporting and caring for each other, accepting and valuing diversity. There are a number of sacramental programs for baptism, reconciliation, confirmation and marriage.

Address: 10 Croydon Road
Phone: 02 9587 2166


Hospital / Medical

Health deterioration and sickness are a part of everyday life and while we can’t avoid it, but wouldn’t things be just “that” much easier if you lived in a suburb that’s close to experienced doctors and advanced medical facilities?

Well, Hurstville is exactly that kind of suburb because it has many good medical centres for general health and also specialists who takes care of patients with unique circumstances.

People who have private health insurance may be eager to know that there is not one, but TWO private hospitals in the area and they have contracts with different health funds tailored for specific covers depending on your private health plan. For those who opt for public hospital instead can easily do so at the St George Public Hospital in Kogarah, which only takes about 10 mins to get there by car and even less by train.

Waratah Private Hospital

Waratah Private Hospital

The Waratah Private Hospital is situated less than 4 mins walk from the Hurstville train station and is one of the most technologically advanced hospital in the St George region. This hospital specialises in a range of surgical and medical procedures including cosmetic plastic surgery, orthopaedics, gynecology, neurosurgery, pain management, rehabilitation, IVF and more.

You’ll also find a number of qualified specialists in the same building for cancer treatment, pathology, and medical imaging among others and there are a total of 7 fully equipped, state of the art operating theatres ready for any surgical procedures.

Unlike public hospitals though, there is no emergency department in this hospital, but if you do have private healthcare, then you’ll surely be impressed with their modern facilities as well as private patient rooms which comes with ensuite. Not to mention the private car park that provides free parking for up to 3 hours at no charge.

Address: 31 Dora Street
Phone: 02 9598 0000

Hurstville Private Hospital

Hurstville Private @ 37 Gloucester Road

This private hospital is well known in the area for their 25 years of maternity experience in delivering and caring for newborns. It has also been through a major expansion recently with new robotic surgical system added along with other industry leading facilities to ensure their patients are treated with minimal invasions.

Besides experiences in delivering babies, the Hurstville private is also an acute medical and surgical hospital with different types of medical services such as cardiology, urology, colorectal surgery, oncology and more. After the expansion, there are now a total number of 8 operating theatres, increased from 4 in the past, new intensive unit ward, day surgery unit and a new maternity ward that comes with 4 new delivery suites and new rooms for mums.

Address: 37 Gloucester Road
Phone: 02 9579 7777


Sports / Fitness

If you’re an individual who loves to do sport, keep fit and perhaps enjoy a swim once in a while, then you’re going to love what you’re about to see down below.

Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre

Hurstville Aquatic & Leisure Centre

This is one of the largest swimming, sports and fitness centre in the St George district with a wide range of wet and dry facilities combined into one premise. Owned by the Georges River Council and managed by Bluefit, the Hurstville Aquatic Centre has been providing a safe, active and fun venue for the local and nearby community.

The swimming pool inside this centre consist of a 25 metre pool that’s separated by 8 lanes. There is also a large leisure pool for the whole family to enjoy in shallow waters accompanied by an indoor and outdoor water slide. Swimmers are also welcome to use other facilities such as the steam room, sauna, and spa.

Mums and dads who wish to have their kids learn how to swim can do so by joining one of their swimming programs. These programs are tailored for different age groups and are designed to help each child build their confidence and skills in the water.

Patrons who wants to keep fit and stay in shape can join the Bluefit Health Club that’s available in the centre. This will allow them access to all of the gym equipment and facilities. There are also group fitness classes, yoga, aerobics and other lessons available for different individual needs.

If you love your sport, then you’ll want to pay a visit to the Johnny Warren Indoor Sports Centre, which is in a completely separate building next to the swimming pool. It consists of 3 large indoor courts that’s available for public booking and can host a number of sporting activities including:

  • Basketball
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Karate & Kung-Fu Lessons
  • Netball
  • Indoor Touch Football
  • Badminton
  • Aerobic
  • Gymnastics

Address: Cnr of Forest Rd & King Georges Rd
Phone: 02 9585 9600

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness In Hurstville

Although it isn’t one of their biggest franchise stores, but this anytime fitness is still part of the largest chain style fitness club in Australia. There is a small carpark just outside of the gym and if you can’t find a space, then you can try some of the side streets on Hudson St and Wright St.

By signing up for a membership here, you’ll have 24/7 access to the latest and best gym facilities not only in Hurstville, but also across all of the Anytime Fitness venues across Sydney and other parts of Australia.

Address: 124 Forest Road
Phone: 02 9580 0998
Website: Click here

Fit N Fast

Fit N Fast Hurstville

Located on the first level of the Victory House building, this Fit N Fast fitness club provides a professional and spacious workout venue to the residents of Hurstville. To ensure each member receives adequate value for their money, every Fit N Fast gym is equipped with at least “200” pieces of training equipment. This means less or no waiting time to use a specific equipment because it’s occupied by other patrons, as often seen in other gyms.

Joining a membership means that you’ll have 24 hours / 7 days unlimited access to this privately owned gym and furthermore, it’ll also allow you to access ALL of the Fit N Fast clubs across NSW, VIC, ACT and QLD.

Address: Lv 1, 8 Crofts Avenue
Phone: 02 8073 4810
Website: Click here

Plus Fitness

Plus Fitness 24/7

Plus Fitness club is one of the most popular franchise gyms in Australia with over 180 locations for members to workout from. This Hurstville franchise is located close to the heart of the suburb with convenient parking options in Westfield shopping. With no lock in contracts, members have the privilege to use their wide range of facilities and affordable fitness programs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have the option to walk away anytime.

Address: 201, 7-11 The Avenue
Phone: 02 9570 3555
Website: Click here


Parks / Outdoor

While Hurstvile is a Sydney suburb that’s becoming inflated with a large number of commercial and residential buildings, the council however has done a wonderful job in keeping some of Australia’s most important features. That is outdoor, sunshine, nature and parks that you and your family can freely enjoy.

Below you’ll find some of the most popular parks available inside this local area:

Woodville Park

Woodville Park

This is a relatively small, but popular park that’s situated close to several nearby schools and hence, you’ll find that many students come here to play after school. There is a play area for children to stay active with playground equipment such as swings, slide, monkey bars. spring rides and more.

Elderly people or anyone who wish to stay fit are free to use some of the outdoor fitness equipment that’s installed inside a fenced area and there is also a rotunda positioned at the center of the park for people to relax in.


  • Covered Kids Playground
  • Outdoor exercise equipment
  • Picnic Area
  • Rotunda
  • Public Toilet
  • Disability Access
  • Dogs allowed on leash

Address: 24 Hudson Street

Bell Park

Bell Park

A beautiful park with lots of open space and plenty of room to kick a ball around. There aren’t many facilities and shelters in this park, but young children will definitely enjoy the playground which has a slide, 2 swings and some rope bridges for them to climb on.


  • Kids Play Area
  • Large grass field
  • Dogs allowed on leash

Address: 1 Hurstville Road

Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park

You’ll find this lovely park on the quiet streets located on the north part of Hurstville, away from the shops and crowds. There is a very large grass land accompanied by a children’s playground as well as some covered seats for picnic and resting. Parkings are easy to find on Low St, Lyle Ave and Donald St.


  • Kids Play Area
  • Picnic Area
  • Large grass field
  • Dogs allowed on leash

Address: 31 Low Street

Croot Park

Croot Park on Bristol Road

This is a nice local park with comfortable open area and a fun playground for young children to play on. Built on top of a soft ground filled with small pieces of wood mulches are some rope nets for kids to climb on. There are also swings, slides and some metal bars for them to stretch their arms and flex their muscles.

The park is accessible via Bristol Rd and Romani Ave, where you’ll be able to find parking spaces on both streets.


  • Kids Playground
  • Picnic Area
  • Cricket Nets
  • Dogs allowed on leash

Address: 25 Bristol Road

Timothy Road Reserve

Timothy Road Reserve near Hurstville Oval

The Timothy Road Reserve is located close to the Hurstville Oval where many sporting activities are hosted including cricket, school athletics carnival, cycling, rugby league and soccer. There is a fenced children playground that’s undercover, BBQ stoves and picnic area for friends and families to use.


  • Undercover Playground
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Picnic Tables & Seats
  • Dogs allowed on leash

Address: Cnr of Dora St & Timothy St


Is Hurstvile a good suburb to live in?

If you love Chinese food, good schools, lots of shopping places and convenient transport services, then yes, you’re definitely going to enjoy living in Hurstville for the long haul. This suburb has truly established itself as a mini city over the past decades. Think Sydney CBD and Chinatown, well…you have the mini version right here!

Thanks to the strong Asian community in the area, there are many local oriental businesses opened inside this suburb, especially Chinese restaurants, takeaway shops, bakeries and asian grocery. You’ll be able to find many different varieties of food, drinks and cooking ingredients, everyday items and household goods that you may have a hard time finding in other towns across Sydney.

Directly in the center of action is the westfield shopping centre, where you’ll see many traditional Australian businesses, as well as a cinema that you can take your family to and watch a movie on the giant screens. There are also several local pubs and entertainment venues here, so you’ll have plenty of things to do with friends.

What about for young families?

Parents will be extremely pleased with the number of quality schools inside this area including several Catholic and Christian schools with sound academic records. This includes both primary and secondary education so young families who choose to live and study here will be able to have their kids walk to school from kindergarden all the way through to year 12. Not to mention the large city council library that has excellent public facilities, study environment and lots of books to burrow for any students seeking further knowledge.

Many tall apartments are being built in Hurstville

Like most cities nowadays, Hurstville is slowly becoming a small city suburb with tall buildings and this is particularly evident with the number of new apartments being built around the shopping mall and train station area, giving residents who live in these real estate close access and convenience to local amenities. But if you prefer to live in a house instead, then you may want to search for properties around the north part of Hurstville which has many quiet streets and small parks for children to play in.

If you’re interested in moving or to invest in this area, then you may want to seek professional help from the local real estate agents in Hurstville because with their wide network and insider knowledge of the suburb, they’ll most definitely be able to help you find that perfect home for the entire family.

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