How Much Does It Cost To Use Moving Companies & Removalists?

Moving trucks used by removalist

Planning to move into a new home?

Surely, you’ll need someone to help you move right?

There are many removal companies out there and their service costs varies depending on a number of factors. We’ll take a look at each of these points in our checklist below and help you get an estimate on the average costs of using a removalist for your entire home relocation process.

Location / Distance

This is the very first question you’ll be asked the moment you try to obtain a quote from a moving company. They’ll ask you where “TO” and “FROM” because this will tell them the distance involved with your job.


If you’re moving locally within the same city or region, you’ll be expected to pay somewhere between $400 to $2500, subject to the amount and type of items required to be moved. The service quoted from the removalist will generally include a minimum of 35km in distance from start to finish.

Anything more, you should expect some surcharge added on top for the extra kilometres.


If you’re relocating to another region, say from Sydney to Newcastle, the cost will be around $2000 to $5000. The extra costs will be used to cover the distance, fuel used, as well as the time required for travel.

Sometimes you may be offered with a cheap option known as “backloading”. This can happen when a company truck is already delivering something to the same destination and has extra room to fill your goods. It is a strategy used by many moving companies to maximise profit and downtime.

Backload can also happen when an empty truck has finished a moving trip and can carry your load on the way back saving extra petrol and man power, hence passing the discount onto their customers.


Moving from state to state requires much more resources and the cost depends largely on the type of transportation used . That is whether a truck is hired, a train or a plane space is used for the interstate logistic movement.

For example, if you’re moving from Perth WA to Melbourne VIC, the distance will be too great and costly for a single truck trip. Therefore cargo train or plane may be used in this scenario and there will be drivers on the receiving end to deliver your belongings back to you at the destination.

The cost of moving interstate will be between $4000-$12000.

What Are You Moving & How Much?

The type of belongings and the amount you’re moving plays an important role in determining the final price of hiring the removalists. The removal company will usually ask you about the type of property you’re currently living in, whether it is a house, an apartment and how many bedrooms there are.

This information will allow them to decide how many staff to despatch, the size of the truck needed and how long the job will take. They may even send in an employee to your premise to have a quick look because this will allow them to present you with the most accurate quotation.


These are large items that most people will have in their home. The number of couches, bed frames, mattresses, cupboards and the size of those furniture will give the movers an idea about the tasks involved.

It is always best to be upfront and honest about these pieces. It is also a good idea to prepare the furnitures beforehand as this will greatly reduce the time and efforts needed.

  • Sticky tape the cupboard doors and drawers
  • Unscrew and disassemble your bed frame
  • Disconnect cables, remove TV and other electronics from your TV stand
  • If doorway is too small, you may need to disassemble your tables and desks
  • Remove the cushions from your couch or sofa

Fragile Items

It is always important to separate items that are fragile and easy to break. A good practice would be to pack these things yourself as you’ll be able to ensure that there are adequate layers of protection during transit, whether you’re using newspaper or pieces of cloth.

These fragile items may include:

  • Glassware
  • Kitchenware
  • Television
  • Mirrors
  • Computer & Monitors
  • Tablets

You may wish to discuss these fragile belongings with your moving company beforehand to ensure they are given the necessary protection during transportation.

If possible, you may even want to move these items yourself if your vehicles allow. This will no doubt reduce the time and efforts needed by the removalists and ultimately reduce your final cost.

Packing Boxes

Besides large items, most of the stuff should be packed into packaging boxes, large bags or plastic containers to increase the efficiency of the move. Preparing beforehand and labelling them is the key to a cheap removal service.

You may opt to pack everything by yourself, which is always a better idea because you’ll know where everything is. However, if you don’t have the time or energy to do this, you may be happy to know that there are movers out there who offers packaging services at reasonable prices.

* Most removal companies offer FREE rental of packaging boxes upon request.

Special Items

Most removers treat special items with different protocols and instructions according to their company policies. These delicate items are usually quite large, heavy, expensive and the risk of damage is extremely high.

These includes:

  • Piano
  • Pool Table
  • Snooker Table
  • Special Machinery

Handling of these items will incur extra charge, but it is important to discuss this with your removalist to ensure they understand the type of equipment they are dealing with and that proper care is in place.

Rubbish / Waste

Whether you hate it or not, rubbish removal is something that you simply cannot ignore whenever you’re moving home. The amount of debris and unwanted things you tend to throw away after preparing your relocation can be overwhelming. Thankfully, some companies do offer waste removal services at additional costs.

Before you decide to throw stuff away, it’s worth noting that some of these items may be worth some money. Provided that these items are in decent condition and good working order, then you may want to sell these online or even host a garage sale to offset some of the costs associated with home moving.

If you live in a house, a townhouse or a villa where hiring a skip bin wouldn’t obstruct your neighbours, then this is certainly an option worth considering. However, please note that there are restrictions in the type of items that you’re prohibited from placing into these bins.

It is important to discuss this with your removal specialists to obtain a proper quote and to ensure that these wastes are properly disposed of.

What Type Of Property Are You Moving Into?

Your removalists will ask about the type of dwelling you’re moving into because this will give them an idea as to the time and work involved. For example, if you’re moving into a unit with no lift or elevator. This is definitely going to add more time into the job as they will be doing a lot of heavy lifting up and down the stairs.

On the other hand, if you’re moving into a house with easy front entrance access. This will make their job a lot easier, quicker and ultimately cheaper.

How Many Movers Do You Need?

When it comes to residential moving, you’re generally given a minimum 2 personnel for the job. This includes the driver and an additional mover. Safety is the number 1 reason for this because moving involves a lot of lifting.

You can always request more movers for additional costs (sometimes at discounted rates) and one advantage of this is that they will be able to finish the job much quicker.

If you’re able to get your friends and family members to help out with the move, then you can also expect the final payment to be cheaper because the removers are mostly charged at an hourly rate.

FINALLY…Is It Really Worth Hiring A Removalist?

If you’ve ever asked anyone who’s moved home by themselves without hiring a professional removalist, the answer will always tend to be a BIG YES!

Sure, you can always hire a truck and move everything by yourself. But the cost of hiring that truck, the time you need to spent researching and obtaining the cheapest rental price, the energy you need to actually move stuff (unless you’re Dwayne Johnson, AKA: The Rock!) and more importantly, the stress level you’ll be experiencing during this transition don’t seem to do it justice.

Always remember that these movers are helping people relocate on a daily basis, it is their job and this means that unlike an average person, their bodies are train to constantly handle heavy lifting. It becomes a routine for them so it’s only natural that they are “quick” at what they do.

Not to mention the truck, the lifting tools, the transport equipment and the expertise that’ll come with the service. All these becomes expensive when you begin to rent them one by one.

So your next step should be to call, email and try to obtain the best quotes from as many removalists as possible who are servicing your local areas. Also, don’t forget to read online reviews to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company who’ll have their customer’s best interest in mind.

Happy Moving!

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