ALDI Store Grand Opening In Riverwood – 25th October 2017

Aldi Shopping Coming To Riverwood NSW

If you’re a Riverwood resident who’s been hearing rumours about the opening of ALDI in your local area, then we’ve got some great news for you.

The ALDI store is officially opening it’s door inside the Riverwood Plaza on the 25th of October 2017, replacing the old Coles supermarket which had been closed down since last year. This is no doubt a new shopping experience that is welcomed by many people who are living here and in surrounding suburbs.

Aldi is well known in every Australian households for it’s high quality products, grocery diversity and great values. This German supermarket giant entered the Australia market in 2001, but has contributed greatly to the local community by sourcing fresh products in the country, supporting local farmers, producers and manufacturers with their range of Australian Made products.

This new sydney store will no doubt strengthen their market position and initiatives of bringing fresh meat, fruits, dairy and vegetables for the locals living in the Southern suburbs. Shoppers will find it easy to get here because the plaza is situated less than 5 mins walk from the Riverwood train station.

There are FREE parkings that can be accessed from the side entrance of the building and a new lift has been built to take patrons straight to the doors of Aldi from the underground parking.

Along with Woolworths in the same shopping complex, this new competition will only mean that more and more savings will be passed onto everyday customers. So if you happened to live nearby, be sure to come down on the 25/10 and see the new grocer in action as they work tirelessly to bring you more values for your hard earned money.

The only advice we can give to anyone who’s never shopped at ALDI before is to bring your own shopping bag, as they do charge money for those. This is one of their unique ways of passing savings onto their customers while looking after the environment by reducing plastics.

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