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Our mission is to provide a realistic and visual suburbs guide for people who are looking for a good suburb to live in Australia, but unsure which one suits them and their families best.

We do this by providing “factual” local area information on:

  • Schools (e.g What schools are there? Ratings etc…)
  • Transport (e.g How long to get to the city CBD by train? What bus are available?)
  • Shopping (e.g Any shopping centre? Where to buy groceries?)
  • Banks (e.g Is there a branch of my bank in the suburb?)
  • Health / Medical (e.g How far from hospital? Any medical centre?)
  • Outdoor Parks (e.g Playground for kids? Any grass fields?)
  • And more…

With property sale and rental prices jumping to record high, Sydney have become the most expensive city to live in Australia, with Melbourne second on the list. The increased house price has not only forced many singles, couples and young families out of the housing market, an Australian dream of owning their own home. At the same time, it greatly reduced the number of suburb choices for those who were able to save for a home deposit.

Thankfully, Australia is a large country with a number of states, regions and districts with each consisting of hundreds of beautiful towns. This means no matter if you’re planning to buy a house or to rent an apartment, there will be lots of options out there.

The ultimate question remains…is this a good area for me and my family?

This is exactly where we come in, to research and collection every information we can about a particular suburb from various reputable sources. Using all the data gathered, we then sort, organise and provide you with all the details in an easy to read format, giving you everything you need to make those important and life changing decisions.

Many property investors also use our guide to help them decide whether a suburb is worth investing in. The information we provide will give them a good idea about whether an area has the potential to become a hotspot, based on the number of local amenities inside the town and how good the schools and facilities are.

We sincerely hope that you’ll find our website useful and if you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to drop us a line by using the contact us form.

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